Baby led weaning – gag reflex

7 days ago

Owen proving how smart babies are! He gets a bit of orange stuck at back of his throat and using his natural gag reflex to get the segment out! Baby led weaning is amazing…. His laughter afterwards shows how much he loves it! 7 months 2 days



    Bette September 13, 2018 3:55 am Reply
  • This is just new bullshit that some pediatrician thought of. Just like tummy time. We used to put r kids to sleep like that all the time. Now it’s an event

    Sansa Sue September 13, 2018 3:55 am Reply
  • Choking and dying can happen at any age. BLW is dumb and gives parents confidence that their lil ones are superior eaters. Thayer can gag and choke aspirate and it becomes lodged the food can also be inhaled and cause pneumonia.

    EB B September 13, 2018 3:55 am Reply
  • BLW is new and I bet all the people back then who had to do BLW watched their poor babies die. Not enough education back then if you read the baby food link I put down. A lot of babies died just from drinking unpasteurized milk. Not to mention you are not suppose to give them cows milk. Not to mention all the listeria, salmonella, ecoli, outbreaks on our produce which makes it even more scary to feed our babies. BLW is scary and sure the baby laughed a bit. A 2 year old died in a grocery store and the mom could not save him. A first grader died in a cafeteria a school nurse could not save him. A 6 month old choked to death on porridge. You all think the babies are einsteins, but guess what that reflex will not always save you. You baby could freak and inhale the food not only entering the lungs but it can become lodged and the air ways obstructed all because of your stupid BLW. I watched a lot of videos on BLW lots them, the babies are gagging, with snot, breathing hard and crying. Gagging is not fun. I have 5 kids and none of them had to endure this. I breastfed all of them but I did cook eggs, beans, and soft brown rice along with cooked veggies, or yogurt with cooked soft fruit and spoon fed small bites. Cooked meat and ground it up with gravy and mashed potatoes. They did not gag. I showed and verbally cues to “chew”

    EB B September 13, 2018 3:55 am Reply
  • Blw is dumb and I don’t care how you want them to get used to textures explore foods. They can gag aspirate develop pneumonia and choke to death! They put everything in their mouths. Anything it doesn’t have to be food they can freak inhale it and it becomes lodged! Your baby is not smart or coordinated they learn how to chew and how to live. All babies do! Whether you are human or animal it is in our makeup. Yes we have this wonderful reflex. Sometimes it doesn’t always work or it can go wrong. Then your precious loved one is gone.. this is a hyped up fad where u all post it think it’s cute think they are so smart they can save themselves with this reflex. Got 5 kids they are all great eaters always telling them to chew with the teeth God gave them, have them swallow. Don’t eat to fast. Blw they chew or suck and play with it I made sure my kids ate a well balanced nutritional meal. Cues them to chew and swallow. Why is BLw a big deal. Playing with lives watching them tear and gag. Why? Why put them in that situation why not just teach them cut it up have them chew.

    EB B September 13, 2018 3:55 am Reply
  • Dangerous new fad, teach them to use a spoon and fork.

    Take Five September 13, 2018 3:55 am Reply
  • So cute im getting sick 😍😍😍

    Alex Elizondo September 13, 2018 3:55 am Reply
  • So thankful you younger moms share your BLW with those of us that have grown children and didn't know about it. It fascinates me and calms me to watch them enjoy their food. No fighting their little hands and they love it! I watched your smart baby over and over enjoy that tasty tomato. Good job mommie. Can't wait to do this with grandchildren. 9

    Darla Gibbons September 13, 2018 3:55 am Reply
  • soooo cute!!

    It's me September 13, 2018 3:55 am Reply
  • women and keeping up with the joneses with this trendy shit. BLW I bet someone comes up with feeding ur baby a turd and if you make women thimk that all do it then they have to do it too

    Darko Slim September 13, 2018 3:55 am Reply
  • cherry is a major choking hazard just grapes etc.

    Darko Slim September 13, 2018 3:55 am Reply
  • these pieces should be cut smaller… my son has been eating purees and yogurt since young. I am level 3 CPR trained… if the child is coughing they are not choking if they do fling the high chair forward really hard it will bring up what's caught that is only I'm serious choking matters. my son is now a year and has at solids and purees since 6 months he had NEVER CHOKED proper supervision nice small pieces works great… and take a ziplock bag poke a hole in the corner.. like icing.. and make little dots on wax paper and freeze the pieces melt and they can pick them up.. also good for teething you can use yogurt to.. I use frozen mixed veggies carrots corn peas they are nice and small also broccoli but make sure its all cooked well and very soft..they will be fine just find what works best for you 🙂 goodluck mommies and daddies

    Smilez Biitchez September 13, 2018 3:55 am Reply
  • Very cute baby it video very 👍 Beautiful…….

    PON SP September 13, 2018 3:55 am Reply
  • cute little man 🙂

    Stuart P September 13, 2018 3:55 am Reply
  • My daughter is 7 mos and I am interested in this but can't imagine giving her pieces of food this big it would scare the crap out of me.   I just don't feel confident that she wouldn't choke.  How do you know he can eat a cherry tomato and gum it small enough?  Just looking for some encouragement.  

    Amy Pilafas September 13, 2018 3:55 am Reply
  • My son clamps his mouth shut when a spoon comes near – so no purees for us. The BLW makes me nervous too – but I have to trust that his reflexes are good enough. He has no other developmental issues and we've been trying to do spoon feeding for a month now with no success (he's almost 8 months old now). The only thing that worked with purees is putting them in a mesh feeder because he has to do it himself. So what to do in this instance when BLW makes you nervous but there's no other way? I refuse to force feed my son – so I just have to let him do it and know the CPR technique if need be. 

    Vettle September 13, 2018 3:55 am Reply
  • baby led weaning has nothing to do with the baby eating.  babies will put ANYTHING into their mouths no matter what it is if they are given the chance.  put a bag of rocks on the high chair table, they'll do the same exact thing.  only thing this achieves is risking choking.  the gag reflex doesn't always work hence why some babies have choked to death on large pieces of food.  but sadly there's still lots of new moms out there who buy into all these new wave ways of feeding their kids.  back when people were sane most of us moms would have shit ourselves if our child had anything the size of a small tomato in their mouths, today it's considered cool.  go figure.

    Anglynn74 September 13, 2018 3:55 am Reply
  • Sorry to all of you tht I didn't reply I didn't realise I had comments… BLW is amazing I highly recommend getting the BLW book as it will set all your minds to ease… Thank you for all the positive comments Owen was 6 months old when he started and was eating properly at between 8-9 months makes it more enjoyable for baby and mummy to let them learn the skills independyly! And as an added bonus u can eat your food at the same time instead of letting it go cold while you spoon feed x

    claireemann September 13, 2018 3:55 am Reply
  • I love that after baby gags they have a second go at the same piece. If at first you don't succeed!

    alicemillie1 September 13, 2018 3:55 am Reply
  • he is great..our daghter is now 8 months old and there is no problem for eating indenpendent.

    S KP September 13, 2018 3:55 am Reply
  • when did you start him with blw? he looks enjoying his meal, even after gagging. how do you know he was gagging not chocking? i'm thinking of doing blw for my baby, still convincing my self about this gagging thing..thanks.

    laksmira September 13, 2018 3:55 am Reply
  • I'm doing blw and its day 4. But I'm thinking about stopping cos I'm not convinced about the gag reflux….

    Gggg September 13, 2018 3:55 am Reply
  • Thank you x

    claireemann September 13, 2018 3:55 am Reply
  • Awehhhh Hes adorable!!!!!!

    xoxovfc4eva101xoxo September 13, 2018 3:55 am Reply

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